We care a &*&# of a lot about our customers

Maybe a straightforward title as the one above isn’t the most subtle way to describe how much we care about our customers and love what we do, but it clearly states our passion for the people working with mobile solutions out there. We listen to our users to understand what features will make their work reliable. We talk with them to hear which improvement will make their job easier. We discuss every interface to keep the software always enjoyable. To respect users and their time are principles we hold dear. That is why our helpdesk staff is taking time to talk and to understand. That is what it means to care a &*&# of a lot about our customers.

We all know there are tasks field engineers don’t enjoy. With the Odyssee field service solution, these tasks are automated, simplified, made more reliable and/or more streamlined. It makes life easier for your field workers. And lets them give your customers better, faster service they can be proud of.
Charles Convent
  • CEO
  • +32 2 513 48 19
Give our customers an easy, reliable and enjoyable app. That is my everyday focus.
Ben Goosse
  • Product Manager
  • +32 2 513 48 19
My target is to set up a clear commmunication channel with our users, so they know how to maximize the solution, are aware of new features and know all the 'tips&tricks' to improve their efficiency.
Iuliana Baciu
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • +32 2 513 48 19
Build and maintain the system every day, having all our customers in mind. Always think to the most generic way to develop new functionalities and imagine what will be our customers' needs of tomorrow. That’s a small description of my exciting job.
Olivier Dumont
  • Software Architect
  • +32 2 513 48 19
My task is to help companies in their search towards the most appropriate sales or service solution. The Odyssee Mobile apps have the answers to solve all current pains. Seeing it is believing it!
Steven Nicolai
  • Account Manager
  • +32 2 513 48 19
A happy customer is golden. Help customers, train them and make them happy and thrilled about Odyssee, that is my task and of our helpdesk team.
Viresh Jaggan
  • Customer Success Manager
  • +32 2 513 48 19
I'm helping Odyssee Service to spread its wings.
Gert Roeckx
  • Business Development Manager Europe
  • +32 2 513 48 19