What is Odyssee Mobile?

Odyssee develops external service automation software. 

We do it for a reason. We want to make life easier, more enjoyable and more reliable for mobile workers. Whether they are salespeople, service engineers or anything in between. 

This desire began with our own experiences as mobile workers. We incorporated what we learnt from discussions with other field workers, did extensive research and development and then innovated even further. Which brings us to today. And prepares us for the future.

How does it work?

Cloud-based solutions are immediately available on the internet. No need to install software or buy a DVD. You simply subscribe to the Odyssee service and you start to work. Of course, for your mobile team, you better install the mobile client on their mobile device to give them full offline functionality. Your back-office team logs in to the online portal, your mobile field teams do the same on their mobile devices.
If you want to connect to an existing ERP, use the Odyssee API or Connect tools.

In the Cloud

Odyssee Mobile guarantees you an excellent product and excellent service at a low price by offering the software via the Internet. The "Cloud" approach avoids investment costs or complicated installation procedures. Using Odyssee Mobile is simple and fast.

Mission and Values!

Odyssee Mobile is specialised in the development and implementation of solutions that:

  • Increase productivity
  • Boost the efficiency of mobile teams
  • Improve the communication between management, the back-office team and the mobile field force

Spread Your Wings




"Spread Your Wings" is not just a marketing slogan that sounds fun. This slogan represents the core of the Odyssee Mobile philosophy, both Odyssee as a company and for our customers.

"Spread your Wings" is applicable in several areas. Odyssee Mobile is a fast growing company in an innovative market. Odyssee Mobile is spreading its wings by constantly working and investing in new developments to build top applications in an increasingly evolving platform.

Your company and your mobile team can spread their wings with the help of Odyssee Mobile. Odyssee solutions provide the ability to elevate your entire company.

If you equip your field team with Odyssee Mobile applications, you can rest assured as they head out. They have all the tools necessary to carry out their job and you can easily monitor and manage everything.
The possibilities are endless for your business!